All photos courtesy of Joe Ordonez.

The fall chum salmon is taking place along the Skagit River. The forest is reflected in the clear waters of the Skagit River a few miles east of our Interpretive Center in Rockport. WA.

Spawned-out chum salmon lie in the clear waters feeding into the upper Skagit River.

The leaves have fallen off most of the trees here along the upper Skagit River. But the beauty remains. This photo was taken along the route of our Interpretive Walk in Rockport, WA. Walks depart at 11am and 1:30pm. (see our schedule for details)

Winter snow in the upper Skagit Valley fell today, Saturday, December 18th. Photo taken at Rockport State Park.

Western Washington University intern Jasmine Neubauer leads an interpretive walk at our Skagit River Interpretive Center in Rockport, WA. The walk focuses on the connection between the Skagit River, the wetlands and the forest. Bald eagles and chum salmon play the leading role in the story.