Photo Contest 2019-2020

We thank Skagit River Guide Service for sponsoring the Grand Prize with an Eagle Scenic Tour!

Grand Prize Winner

Alex Maldonado, “Reach”


Top 10 Photos

Slideshow photos may be cropped, see links below for full view. Photos are in alphabetical order by first name.

  • Alex Maldonado: Reach – Grand Prize Winner
  • Carole Webb: Leucistic Eagle & Friend #2
  • David Alfano: Proud On My Perch – Runner-up
  • Kim Robinson: Respect Your Elders
  • Marlene Bocast: Sneaking Up
  • Robert Monestier: Salmon In Sight
  • Sandra Newby: Eagle Dance
  • Steve Philbrick: Juvenile Eagle Rockport
  • Tom Higgins: I’m Watching You


Youth Winner

Nathaniel Heath, “I Think They See Us”


Mandy Newby, “Under Cover Meeting”

Finalists retain all rights to photographs published on Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpretive Center website and social media pages.