December Events

Guided Nature Walks ~ Every Sat. & Sun. – 11am Presentations ~ See dates below, 1pm
Open for Winter Break: December 26 – January 1!

Sat 12/01        “George and Martha: Observations of an Eagle couple and thoughts about Bald Eagles”, by Fred Wilson (President of SRBEIC)

                        Join our organization’s president as he shares his insights from observing the bald eagle pair that lives in his back yard.

Sun 12/02       “Meet the Skagit River Watershed”, by Kat McCarroll (Educator at Padilla Bay Estuarine Research Reserve)

Kat will give a family-friendly presentation that will demonstrate how the land surrounding the Skagit River affects the Salish Sea.

Sat 12/08         Winter Birds of the Upper Skagit Region, By Steve Glenn (Environmental Conservation Instructor at Skagit Valley College)

Besides migratory Bald Eagles feeding on spawned-out salmon, the Upper Skagit River in winter includes a variety of other interesting birds. Through sight and sound, learn how to identify some of the more common bird species, including Goldeneye, Common Merganser, American Dipper, Winter Wren, Steller’s Jay, Varied Thrush, Pileated and other woodpeckers, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, and Red-breasted Nuthatch.  Steve will lead our 11am nature walk on this date!

Sat 12/15         Local Plants of the Upper Skagit, by Terri Wild (Native plants botanist)

Terri Wilde is a local naturalist, forager and permaculturalist. She has studied herbal medicine, native plants and mushrooms. She has taught at the local food co-ops, Padilla Bay Interpretive Center and the Academy of Lifelong Learning. In lieu of being a stand-up comedian, she loves to teach about plants.  Join her to explore the plant life of the Upper Skagit, learn the edible and medicinal properties of native and naturalized flora.  This program with start by sharing tea and ideas, a leisurely walk through the winter wonderland.  


Sat 12/22       Tales of a Dog, Cat, Eagle and Lemur Veterinarian, By David Parent (Wildlife Veterinarian and owner of Useless Bay Animal Clinic)

Come join us for a fun evening of stories of successes and failures in treating our wild neighbors. These stories are crazy, funny, lighthearted, and occasionally heartbreaking.


Fri 12/28         “Remote Wildlife Photography”, by Dana Ledford (Volunteer Extraordinaire)

Dana will share her experiences and photography from operating remote cameras at Eaglecrest, a 200-acre private estate that is home to many types of animals and is associated with organizations such as the Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation Service and the Raptor Resource Project

Sat 12/29        “Forage Fish Around Skagit County”, by Pete Haase (Skagit Citizen Forage Fish Survey Team)

                        This presentation includes hands-on education about forage fish, which a vital role in our local ecosystem.  Learn about citizen science work that helps protect beaches where surf smelt lay eggs are protected for ongoing spawning.

Sun 12/30      “Aerial Photography of the Cascades“, by John Scurlock (photographer and author)

                        Join us for an hour of amazing aerial photographs of glaciers and mountains, and stories from a man whose love for flying led him to build his own airplane.

January Events

Guided Nature Walks ~ Every Sat. & Sun. – 11am* Presentations ~ See dates below, 1pm*
*Except on 1/05
Open for MLK Jr Day – Monday 01/21

Sat 1/05          “Hiking in the Bellingham, Mount Vernon and Anacortes Areas”, by Craig Romano (guidebook author)

                        *11am talk, 1pm nature walk

Discover your wild backyard! Come take a slideshow trail tour around Bellingham, Western Whatcom County, the Skagit Valley, and Fidalgo Island with award-winning guidebook author Craig Romano. Urban Trails: Bellingham focuses on the trails, parks, and preserves within the urban and suburban areas around Anacortes, Bellingham, and Mount Vernon. You’ll find trails to beaches, old growth forests, lakeshores, wildlife-rich wetlands, rolling hills, scenic vistas, meadows, historic sites, and vibrant communities. Trails perfect for easy or all-day hikes, short or long runs, and refreshing walks. And trails throughout the Chuckanut Mountains recreation area.

Sun 1/06         “Salmon and Trout of the Skagit River: Distribution, Abundance Trends, and Habitat Recovery”, by Andrea Reiter (Skagit Watershed Council)

Less than 100 years ago, millions of salmon and trout returned to the Skagit and Samish Rivers every year to spawn. Today these once-mighty salmon runs are greatly diminished and face an uncertain future. Although we’ve made measurable progress towards protecting and restoring salmon habitat, there is still much to do to restore these magnificent creatures and the benefits they provide.

Sat 1/12          “It’s About WAY More Than Just Salmon!, by Lucy DeGrace (Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group)

How do animals (including people) depend on salmon? How can people help improve things for salmon and the whole aquatic ecosystem?  Learn about Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group’s habitat restoration efforts in the Skagit and Samish watersheds. This presentation will focus on current upriver projects, including the one at Howard Miller Steelhead Park

Sat 1/19           TBD

Sat 1/26           TBD

Sun 1/27          “Glaciers of the North Cascades”, by Mike Larrabee (North Cascades National Park Complex Physical Scientist)

                        About one-third of all the glaciers in the lower 48 states are in the North Cascades National Park. These 312 glaciers are a critical part of the ecosystem: they influence soil development, vegetation distribution, flooding, and are dramatic indicators of climate change. They are also central to our region’s hydroelectric industry and efforts to sustain endangered salmon and trout. Perhaps most importantly, glaciers provide cold, fresh water during droughts, periods of low streamflow and high stream temperatures.